Artist Josh Kolay has been painting wilderness and wildlife art for decades.

My works represents our daily experiences in environment and nature-visually. In youth growing up in wilderness in northwestern corner of Alberta opened amazing sight to nature, seasons and wildlife that had observed daily as this was what had inspired me in my interests in arts in life. Reviewing art books and artists globally enhanced my interests in school as inspired me to pursue skills, technique and style the past forty years of painting.

Past decades been on wilderness adventures in northwestern region of the continent to observe and paint mountain scenes and wildlife. Nature has sculpted itself over time leaving amazing beautiful views for us to observe on travels. Wildlife strive within these valleys and along rivers in natural cycles seasonally as living own life in nature. Afar from concrete environments life strives in true environment of nature and this is what I paint to share with the world for past four decades.

In arts we strive from day one in observations of nature and gradually developing skills, technique and style in pursuit of achieving professional products, yet also have to market our works in this ear of technology. Art in Canada has and been sole site which has intensely marketing artists for past decades and have really helped with my arts business as Lynda and Margot are incredible in assisting artists in the arts market globally.